Sunday, 24 June 2012

Early Birthday!

Well aren't I the lucky one? 
My birthday presents have already started coming in and it's still a week until the big day.
Boyfriend's Mum has sent over some gorgeous bath bombs and a cute hold all bag. 
She hasn't mentioned where she got either of them, so I'm sorry I can't post any links. 
I've been interested in bath bombs, but never stopped to buy any so I'm quite looking forward to trying these. She's told me to take them on holiday and try them when I'm in a hotel as I'd be mad to use them in my own bathroom because they make such a mess (has anyone used them before? Do they actually explode? I've been told to run a full hot bath and drop it in and it will explode and fizz and make it all nice). The hold all is ideal for my upcoming trip to France and I adore the glamour puss image as I'm cat mad, I just have a Boyfriend who is super allergic so I can't have a real one. I'm started to get really excited now. xoxo


  1. the print on the bag is so cool. xx

  2. Lovely photos, the bag is so cute!

    Emma x

  3. Thanks girls! I tried to white ball of the bombs in France and it was lovely, it fizzed until completely dissolved (it took about 5-10 mins), it smelt gorgeous and left my skin feeling nice and soft. The bag was very useful too, crammed full of girly essentials. xoxo