Monday, 18 June 2012

Say hello to my little friend.

Well I wish. Boyfriend and I are quite happy to agree how we both would like a pet dog when we eventually live in a house with a garden, somewhere out there in the future. We can agree that we both want a golden Labrador (think Andrex puppy). But what I really want, is a little black Pug. As puppies, they are called puglets. How bloody cute is that. I would like a boy. I would call him Captain Fantastic which would be Captain for short. Oh how I want a little black pug. Somebody make my wish come true! xoxo


  1. they are sooo cute! i want one so bad. unfortunately living in student accommodation with 6 boys, its not going to happen any time soon

  2. Ooooh and I thought it was bad enough living with ONE boy. You poor darling, I hope they are nice lads. xx

  3. omggg so cute!

    - True