Friday, 1 June 2012

New handbag!

So the time has come. I have had to admit that I need to fork out and purchase a new handbag. Many of you will question my reluctance. I have been raised to fix things that are broken, not throw them away. That you do not need a new one, if the one you have is perfectly fine. I had fixed my big grey handbag twice already. It had a good run. I have my reliable tan leather satchel, but it doesn't quite fit my need to carry around every single thing I might possibly need while I'm out of the house. I'm mourning my big grey bag, because it could hold everything with room to spare without being ridiculously huge. So when I helped a lady in work to locate a bag she'd seen on the web I was taken back to find a cliche style romance form when I clapped eyes on this beauty. It was like a nude elegant reincarnation of my trusty grey bag. It has fate. So here is it. My beautiful bag. xoxo

It's £32 from Next, here's the link!


  1. Wow this is gorgeous! Next do surprise me sometimes! x

  2. Thanks Pasha! I work there and I'm so aware of how much money I already spend, but this season is really great and I want most of the range.