Monday, 23 July 2012

Don't go.

I've had my belly button pierced since my 15th birthday. 
I'd like to say it was some kind of rebellion, but my parents had made me wait already and said as long as I don't go crying to them if it goes bad then fair enough. I don't think I there was any reason to have it other than 'looking cool'. I liked the idea. I was a brat.

Eight years down the line I think it's growing out. When I had mine done, my Mam's grew out. The skin around the bar tightened until she had to remove it and watch the piercing close. Looking back, I think this is why I like my piercing now. A transitional thing.
Like it was my turn. When I look at it, it reminds me of the things she gave up for us. 
It seems the same is now happening to me. About a year ago I considered removing my bar and just letting it heal up. But now that I've had to take it out because I've ripped my skin by keeping it in I am a little hesitant. 
I had to put TCP on it, I swear I forget what that stuff burns like.

It's all a bit metaphorical really. For about two years I've felt like old news, boring. Well do you know what? I don't need to transform my body to show the world who I am. It was fun while it lasted and when I have a good day and I feel like it, yeah I'll flash my tattoo. So what if I haven't got metal in my skin? Does that make me boring? No! 
And if I'm boring, metal won't make a difference.

Yes I am sorry if this is the end for me and my piercing, I just hope we can salvage the situation.

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