Friday, 20 July 2012

Ministry of Mum.

This morning I began my sloth like routine, the same one I practise every day off I get from The Shop. I set my alarm for a decent eight thirty, with a successful day of getting-things-done ahead of me (think finishing the washing, mopping the floors, going to see my friend who I've been saying I'll visit for weeks now, head to the gym). This never happens and instead I make a huge pot of black coffee which I forget about because I drag my tired carcase back into the living room to wait for it brew. I punch the ON button on the telly and the virgin box and head to sky movies, anything will do but this morning I found Pretty Woman and with that all previous ideas of productivity are flung right out of the window (I live on the sixth floor). I click my touchpad on and wait for Twitter, Facebook and Hotmail to spring to life and reconnect me with the world. 

My favourite gal in the media spotlight is Cherry Healey, mostly known for her honest and witty documentaries like Drinking with the Girls, Cherry Has A Baby and currently airing How To Get A Life on BBC3 (Wednesdays at 9pm). Naturally I'm on the case and she was easy to find on Twitter (yes I'm a psycho stalker). My eyes quickly adjust to notice she's #FF'd @MinistryOfMum and is telling us how funny her blog is. What's that? My favourite telly lady making me check out a blog? This is what days off are all about. 

Claire's blog, Ministry Of Mum is fresh and brilliant. She's using her blog to retain an ounce of sanity while looking after her three little darlings. An outlet of her inner monologue, the same one we all have. That little voice that tells us 'yes, that other woman is much prettier, funnier, wealthier and graceful that you'. The voice that snickers when someone trips up and they deserved it. That voice that says 'it's alright, go on, do it, no one will know and if they do who cares?'. Her honesty is charming, so much so that even though I am not a mother myself I feel I can relate to the thin veil of despair covering her colourful and happy life. Claire is saying (or writing) what we all think about those we are responsible for and I applaud her for it. 

I think my favourite post of hers is about when she threw caution to the wind and while the elder two of her children were at school she gave control to her toddler and decided to do whatever he wanted to for six hours, beginning with eating chocolate cake for breakfast in their pyjamas on the roof of the car. Liberating, cute as a button stuff. 

Everyone visit her blog whether you're a parent or not. Here is someone worth listening to. 

p.s. The cartoon strip is Nemi by Lisa Myhre found in the back of the Metro paper which I see nearly every day in work.

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