Saturday, 22 September 2012

Happy 5 years to us.

This weekend marks the five year miles stone for me and Boyfriend.
I think it's nice to take a moment to look back at what you have been through together.
Consider how much further you can still go. 

Back in March we'd been in Cheltenham, in a cute home accessories shop called Vinegar Hill, where Boyfriend had spotted a mug with a nice quote on it. He took a photo on his phone.

Three months later I was in Newcastle, shopping with my Mam.
Through a shop window as I walked past, the same quote was jumping out at me. 
Is it corny to say, I think it's because he was thinking of me, or I was thinking of him?

So I bought the card. And held on to it for another four months. 
Just for this weekend. 

Because this is how he makes me feel.
Don't wait for a sign, for an excuse, for a chance to ask why me. 
Just get up and do it. 


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