Friday, 26 October 2012

Happy head, happy hands.

It's pay day. I wanted cheering up so I headed for the city centre to gather some essentials that I'd been thinking about for a week. A new ring and nail varnish IS essential. Okay, so I didn't just go shopping for me, I have started looking for presents for Boyfriend, now that it's only eight and a half weeks until Christmas. Yes, I said the C word, so sue me. It's such a struggle to buy something decent and meaningful. He literally has everything already. So in my stress I ended up hanging out in Topshop by the make up and accessories. I walked away with a new nail polish (Queen of Green) and a headband sporting metal cat ears adorned with pearls. Yeah, like that doesn't make me sound crazy. I then took to wandering around the arcades in Cardiff. I walked in to a little shop called Ganesh, with embroidered tie dye throws and incense burning. I've been after a nice new gemstone ring for a while. When I got fat I could no longer wear the nice silver rings I own. They have a great selection of gemstone rings in Ganesh and they also offer a resizing service. The women in there were just lovely too. I've walked away with a beautiful moonstone and silver ring. 
SPOILER ALERT. IF YOU HAVE AN AVERSION TO CRYSTALS AND MEDITATION AND INCENSE AND SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE, STOP READING NOW. I've always preferred silver to gold. Nothing the matter with gold, we haven't had a fight or anything, we just have different opinions. It also really annoys me how much costume jewellery is all crap and isn't really gold or silver and just makes your finger green. 
Moonstones are one of my birthstones (they are basically talismans to your zodiac and I am Cancerian), besides emeralds (which I never knew about), rubies (for being born in July) and pearls. I have the most beautiful ruby ring which my grandmother gave to me, set on a bed of tiny diamonds on a thin gold band. I guess that explains the pearl cat ears headband.
So, back to Moonstones. Qualities.
Soothes and balances emotions.
Balance between heart and mind. 
Favoured for love. Nurturing. 
Considered protective while travelling over water, or swimming. 
Heightens intuition and perception. 
New beginnings. Rebirth.
Absorbs pain and illness. 
Well, that all sounds fine to me. Let the moon goddess throw her abundant power over me! It is ON. 

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