Friday, 19 October 2012

My 'moth' orchid.

I have been caring for my new 'moth' orchid (or a phalaenopsis orchid) for two weeks now. It was a welcome home gift from Boyfriend after I'd been to Spain for a week. I can't get over how cute that is. 
Now, I have not been blessed with green fingers. I can kill a simple herb plant if left to my own devices. This is why orchids are my type of plant. They thrive on being left alone. I used to have one in the office when I was an admin apprentice in the south of Spain, which was the same species as this and I kept it alive for quite a long time. 
I keep it on my kitchen window sill, which is a round port hole style window so it looks quite cute. It gets light for half of the day as my kitchen faces north east, which is ideal. As far as watering is concerned, you don't drown orchids in pouring water every day. They should be potted in a cage like pot, soil, roots and all and then sat in a second water tight pot. You keep the orchid in the first cage like pot, removing the whole thing from the second water tight one, fill the solid pot with about a centimetre or two of tepid water, the purer the better and then sit the orchid back in the pot. The roots soak the water up that way. I touch the top soil every morning to make sure it doesn't dry out as this can be fatal. I have only had to top up the water once in two weeks. You can buy special orchid plant food if necessary, but my little plant seems quite okay. 
Do you know of any good orchid guides I can look up? 

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