Friday, 29 March 2013

Body image.

I am repulsed by the cliche that thick girls are real women. This inverted snobbery is repellant, all women are real women.
It doesn't matter what size a person is, but some people are stunning enough to pull off being wobbly and lovely, and I mean hats off to them. Some girls look better with great big boobies and killer thighs. Slim girls have different advantages. My point is this, I know that skinny does not mean beautiful, but neither does fat. Fatties unite to reassure each other they are the body type that honest men and women prefer. This is simply not true, honest people prefer beauty. Thank fuck beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as we don't all want the same thing.


  1. Anonymous02 July, 2013

    I have to agree with anon ^^. To use the term 'fatties' to describe a group of people is BULLYING. Why are they over weight? Do you know their story? Is over eating a form of self harm to them? Thyroid problems? The result of medication? Beuaty IS in the eye of the beholder, I'll agree with you on that, but beauty is much more than skin deep. You may get your dream body Calamity (& I wish you luck in your weight loss endeavours) but shallow minded thinking will prevent you from being truely happy with yourself.

  2. Thanks for reading ladies and thank you for voicing your opinions!
    I would have elaborated more on my first statement - all women are real women. I ramble enough in real life, those who know me would understand that point of view enough to respect the angry-humour that followed.
    Unfortunately I was surrounded by a few larger ladies on a regular basis at the time, who I knew fairly well and had no reason for weight gain other than laziness and poor diet. Their lifestyle choices are irellevant to me, but to have to listen to them talk about other people and judge them for what they have chosen to live with was so vile I had to vent and why not my vaguely anonymous blog that has a very small list of readers than cause a scene?
    I was disgusted that they would lounge about, judging people for their weight in such depth. A girl I know who has depression left the room because she is distraught at being underweight despite her best efforts to improve her health. All women are beautiful and beauty starts from within.
    It's a shame you are short sighted and think I am horrible. Oh well!

  3. Also, you both owe me an apology for being shitty on my birthday. You face an unlimited fine, of erm...


  4. And you're judging me on my creative outlet? Double shitty. Shame on you!