Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Forever Living.

A few friends have found success in launching their new business with Forever Living. They're selling aloe vera based detox programs and skincare. Having a family who revelled in detoxes and the healing power of plants I was well informed about aloe vera, especially growing up in AndalucĂ­a where it grows naturally and is commonly used fresh from the ground, cut open and slapped onto sun burnt skin (a gooey but satisfying experience). My interest was peaked enough to try the skincare range my friend had to offer, but having tasted aloe vera by mistake as a kid I'm wary of trying the detox stuff as it involves drinking an aloe vera gel (but that's not to say I disagree with the benefits of ingesting it).

Vicky was lovely enough to get in touch about trying them out for myself and being a devout believer of skincare I jumped at the chance. Here's my little collection from their range of beauty basics!

BRIGHT* TOOTHGEL (£5.75/130g) - Love the colour! The first taste is sweet and minty (and as you rinse you have a sharp, not unpleasant, clean taste). My teeth look much brighter, this was a winner for me. (Weird fact - it's suitable for pets too!)

HAND & FACE SOAP (£10.84/473ml) - I didn't see much difference in the quality when I was using it but I can't deny my hands feel much healthier. It lathers up nicely and leaves skin very soft.  I'm learning how to play guitar so any quick relief is welcome - I don't want boy hands!
HAND SANITIZER (£3.40/59ml) - This was wasted on me, sadly. It didn't offend me, but not a product I've ever bothered with. It did stand up in comparison to any other brand I have tried though, it absorbed into the skin quite quickly and left no sticky residue.

ALOE LOTION (£12.24/118ml) - One of my favourites. It fit in to my morning beauty regime quite quickly. After cleansing my skin post shower, I'd apply this all over my face before make up. My skin is in great condition, a remarkable result for me. I suffer from breakouts badly. Not just your odd blemish or poxy black head, I mean growing an extra face kind of mega spots. 
PROPOLIS CREME (£14.96/113g) - Beyond luxury. This moisturiser is very rich and thick. Apply this after shaving legs. Beautifully smooth! 
ALOE SCRUB (£12.92/98g) - I'm not usually a fan of how thin and oily scrubs can feel but I do like the idea of scrubbing off nasty dead skin and knowing I had the propolis creme for afterwards I gave it a go. I tried it on my legs and I was pleased to find it did foam up a little and washed off quickly. A nice product but not something I would usually use.

JOJOBA SHAMPOO (£14.15/296ml) - A clear gel, not my usual option! I have very thin, brittle hair so I choose opaque cream shampoos instead. However, this shampoo was not abrasive but as with clear gels it left my hair too dry. It would no doubt be spot on for wild hair types.
ALOE GELLY (£12.24/118ml) - Immediately reminded me of fresh aloe vera. Very watery in texture, as it blobs out you have to spread it over skin quickly. Unlike other moisturisers this doesn't need wiping off your hands after application. It soaks into your skin immediately with an instant soft finish. I'd be interested to try this on sun burnt skin. 
ALOE MOISTURISING LOTION (£12.24/118ml) - A little thicker than the simple blue-logo Aloe Lotion with a strong floral scent. The scent isn't my cup of tea, but the lotion is refreshing and I could feel my skin soothe as it was applied. Soaked in quickly.
ALOE HEAT GEL (£12.24/118ml) - Interesting product! The strong smell (like tiger balm!) is hard to ignore but I like it, clinical. At first as you massage it into the skin there's nothing new, then after about 30 seconds a dense wave of tingly warmth spreads through your muscles from the surface. I suffer from severe menstrual pain and whilst experiencing this I rubbed this heat lotion on my lower back and hips and the relief was excellent. Very good for aches and pains. Nice and smooth in texture, much like the purple-logo Aloe Moisturising Lotion. 
(Prices/measurements for these are for the real product, not my dinky samples!)

LIP BALM (£2.87/15oz) - My absolute favourite! For once, the thing I like the most is actually the cheapest. This little beauty has transformed my lips! The smell is divine and it soaks in quickly. It feels quite light and keeps lips moisturised for hours. Very welcome after months of vicious British winter weather.

Overall, a good range of pampering products with remarkable, quick results.
Even the products I wouldn't normally pick were good.
I'll be ordering more aloe lotion, propolis creme, toothpaste and lip balm next pay day!
Wish list total - £35.82, an absolute bargain based on quality alone! Think of how much money you'd spend using up lesser products, with poor or no results. This stuff works.

My fellow South Wales Blogger Fi from Beauty Reviews and Things was also invited to see what Forever Living have to offer, check out her recent post to see what she had to say! 

You can keep track of Vicky's success and catch any offers or business updates on her new blog!
Forever Victoria

For any queries or to find out what else Forever have to offer feel free to email Vicky at vmayne.foreverliving@outlook.com



  1. I love forever products. My favourites are the hand and face wash, the heat lotion and the propolis creme! I also use their deodorant as its non-aerosol and so much kinder to my skin :) x

    1. Liberally applying the heat lotion for my above mentioned reasons D:
      The star of the show was the lip balm for me - LESS THAN £3! <3 ;)