Thursday, 20 March 2014

Breast Cancer Campaign - no makeup selfies.

The 'no makeup selfie' craze has spread through social media like wild fire. Launched by Breast Cancer Care, the campaign centres around donating by text to cancer research charities. 
The Breast Cancer Campaign launched this on Twitter yesterday.

Donating by text is something Cancer Research UK already do, here are their donate by text options.

I went with 'BEAT' to 70007 and gave £3. 
Although it isn't listed, I did get an acknowledgement from Cancer Research UK. 

Text was sent last night, selfie from this morning.

Ahh the social debate and the preposterous bollocks of it all. 
I get it, the narcissism of "I woke up like this" is hard to swallow. The internet will always have content that is irksome but surely a campaign celebrating natural beauty, spreading the word about breast cancer and fundraising for cancer research is a nice thing? Live and let be, angry internet. 
I admit I brushed my hair and washed my face (and checked there was no breakfast on my pyjamas/hair - long hair problems) before I took my photo. I fail to see how my attempt at common decency is a negative thing. I think this is a nice campaign, promoting bare faced beauty and raising money by targeting a new generation of gadget lovers, most of whom have a few spare quid that can be used for something better. The men's versions are quite funny, posting the opposite with faces full of make up, further highlighting how ridiculous make up can be.
What is so lovely about this is the mirrored adoration of my own personal campaign of ridding my friends of their fakery. I have successfully stripped my very dear friend Laura of her fake tan, lashes and extensions (at least during the day) and I once got her out on a Saturday night in a woolly jumper, jeans and trainers and she had the best time. So far, all the women and girls who I have seen through these natural 'selfies' look happy and gorgeous. Another brief nod towards common sense. Hurray!



  1. I agree this campaign is amazing, apparently Cancer Research have made over £1 million in 24 hours which is just incredible! Also you look lovely with no make up :)

    1. Thanks for reading and thanks again for the nice comments! Yeah, it's a good way of tapping into our tech fuelled generation, over a million sure ain't bad! X