Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Restrung guitar.

I never think I can accomplish much on my own but I was driven to restring my acoustic guitar as I could tell a string was about to give and I wasn't risking it snapping in my face or slashing my fingers. I found this Youtube video really helpful - link!

I visited Gamlin's Music Centre on Saint Mary's Street, a lovely cavern of instruments. I needed a tool to de-wedge the pins in the body of the guitar that fix the strings down. The guys who served me were relaxed, well informed and helped me get straight to the point. This key winder/pin tool cost £2.

I'd previously purchased some bronze strings from G&M Music store for £8. I recognised the Martin brand as I know a few musicians. The staff recommended these as a beginner. They're more flexible and easier to play on. 

I got into it quite easily, the pins were easier to pop out than I thought. 

To a skilled musician this may seem like a routine, uneventful moment but I was so pleased with myself!
I really, really need to trim the excess string off though. 


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