Sunday, 3 August 2014

SustainBox #2

My new GrazeBox was a nice treat yesterday. I nearly caved and opted for it to come a week early but it's been more enjoyable as a treat to look forward to. 

Little Figgy Went To Market: apple, cranberry and diced figs dusted with rice flour.
Jaffa Cake: belgian dark chocolate, orange raisins and roasted hazelnuts.
Soy Roasted Seeds: pumpkin and sunflower seeds. 
Texan Corn Salsa: salsa almonds, corn chips, roasted corn and jumbo chilli corn.

Mam used to fry pumpkin seeds in soy sauce back when I was little so I was looking forward to those. I also used to have a dried corn mix at school, so they were alright but the seasoned almonds were the main event. I'm meeting my friend in town today so I'll take my other two for pit-stop snacks while we're pottering around the city centre. I love this subscription, I'd recommend it to everyone. If you'd like to try a box for free visit Graze


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