Wednesday, 13 June 2012

You're not so perfect yourself.

You can all just back off with the jokes now. I'm fed up with people making fun of the way I talk. 
A friend once told me it's called a military accent, even though I've never had anything to do with the army, nor have any recent family members. But I have travelled quite a lot. 

My mam and her family are all from Newcastle, so sometimes I sound very northern. 

My friends growing up in Spain that spoke English mostly had London accents. 

My boyfriend has a very British accent, despite being born in Wales. 

My colleagues are mostly Welsh as Welsh can be.

When I was younger at school, and let me just clarify that I attended a total of 13 different schools, other children would be rude and shun us because we were the 'spanish/english' kids, depending on where we were. 

So no matter who I speak to, whether it's family, friends or colleagues, somebody always finds something funny about my voice. There's no need to point and laugh. You're not so perfect yourself, you know. You can't imagine the things I think of you and keep to myself to spare your feelings. 


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