Saturday, 4 August 2012

Carnival craze.

So today in work it was all a bit busy so I was quite relieved when it was time to head upstairs for my lunch break. While I was waiting for my soup to heat up I could hear a babble of jazz music filtering through the glazed windows. Our staff room is three floors up, so any normal amount of noise is usually lost. I open the window wide and a cheerful blast of sassy jazz invades the room much to the approval of my fellow colleagues. Whatever was creating all of the commotion was just out of sight from the window so after eating I made a trip out on to the street to have a look. I was expecting to find a full brass band but I was sorely mistaken, in it's place was a pop up stage and about 15 young women performing burlesque dancing, complete with corsets, frilly knickers and fishnets. It was Cardiff Carnival! The burlesque act was only a chunk of the action, but it was just amazing to see. Not tacky and seedy, but lively and fun. I only got to watch for a few minutes as my break was up and duty calls, so here's the South Wales Intercultural Community Arts website if you'd like more information. 

(Sorry about the bad quality photos! They're from my naff cheapo mobile).


  1. Dear Jillie,
    Love the blog, so glad you enjoyed our act, the girls were thrilled when they found your post. As well as teaching Burlesque Dance we put on big shows too so look out for us!

  2. Thanks FooFoo!
    The girls totally made my day :)