Friday, 3 August 2012

We're going to Rome.

Boyfriend has surprised me with a trip to Rome, in less than four weeks time! I'm so excited, I've always wanted to go to Italy. Perhaps it's all Audrey Hepburn's fault. One of my favourite movies is Roman Holiday. The Colosseum, the Pantheon, Saint Peter's Square and the Sistine Chapel, the Roman ruins, the Piazza di Spagna with the Spanish Steps, the Mouth of Truth at the entrance to the Santa Maria in Cosmedin church, ...
The mopeds, the gelato, the sunshine... I simply can't wait. I must brush up on some Italian though, I really can't speak a word. Might be time to download a language app, hmm. Well at least I can yell 'Ciao!' with plenty of bravado. French wasn't that bad, I was just shy. This seems like a good start - link!
It's not all about Rome though, as we head off for a 6 day cruise around the eastern Mediterranean sea. We'll visit start down in Sicily and sail to Turkey and Greece, including Crete, before heading back to Italy and then we'll stay two days in Rome. I am giddy with anticipation.
We're sailing with Royal Caribbean on their ship the Navigator of the Seas, this is the best video I could find on Youtube for it which seems to be from the 80's despite being five years old - video.
Inline skating on deck? Ben & Jerry's? Sounds ace.
29 sleeps. xoxo

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